Who is Lift the Burden?

Who is Lift the Burden?


Lift the Burden is a public awareness project sponsored by Pardon Services Canada, Canada`s first assistance provider to those in need of a record suspension or entry waivers into the US and Canada since 1989. Under the leadership of CEO Azmairnin Jadavji, the firm has played a vocal role in criticizing the last 10 years of legislative changes to the pardons and record suspension system, as seen on CTV, the CBC, and other news outlets.


Through Lift the Burden, Mr. Jadavji and the PSC team are raising awareness of the plight that thousands of Canadians are going through, especially those that are being priced out of the opportunity of a record suspension. While our industry benefits from a rise in fees to collect and process, we see ordinary, hardworking Canadians suffer from legislative changes that paint over 4 million Canadians who have a record, with the same brush. 


Through this campaign, we aim to enact real change when it comes to the current state of record suspensions, by making it a fairer system where Canadians can receive timely and affordable service. 

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